Dr. Jessica Smith

Dr. Jessica Smith graduated from the University of Waterloo Optometry and Vision Science in 2018. She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo. During her years studying Optometry, Jessica took the opportunity to expand her knowledge and skills with a 4-month externship with a retinal surgeon at the Scarborough Eye Associates. She believes in the importance of interdisciplinary care, working with medical doctors and specialists to meet her patients needs. She provides full scope optometric care to patients of all ages, with particular interest in ocular disease.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys reading and is an amateur baker, constantly trying out new creations. Jessica fell in love with the Kingston community when she first moved here in 2018 and tries to explore more of the community at every opportunity – particularly for its numerous walking and hiking trails!

Jessica is a member of the Ontario Association of Optometrists and the College of Optometrists of Ontario. She is board certified by the Canadian Examiners in Optometry, including the use of Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agents.