What We Do

What We Offer

At Marc Raymond Opticians, we make your vision our utmost priority. With an optometrist in the office, we make sure that your prescription is updated and complemented by eyewear that is a reflection of your personal style. Take a look at our available services.
Marc Raymond - Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams

During a comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Smith will evaluate your prescription as well as check the overall health of the eye.

Binocular Vision Testing

Binocular Vision Testing

One of Dr. Jessica Smith’s many skills include binocular vision testing and treatments.

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing

With the latest in retinal and OCT imaging we can provide the best care for detecting and monitoring ocular disease.

Marc Raymond - Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Marc Raymond Opticians and Dr. Jessica Smith are proud to offer a wide range of contact lenses including astigmatism, bifocal, gas permeable, daily disposable and keratoconus lenses.

Personalized Services Your Glasses Are As Unique As You Are

At Marc Raymond Opticians we are proud to offer you our 50 years of expertise in finding the perfect product. You will not have to compromise quality for fashion, as we are proud to offer brands that are on the forefront of style and are made with long lasting materials.